'Its been a while...'

Priestess of the Faith
Master Alchemist
A Forgotten Voice
Commander of Nature & Channeler of Neoi

The middle child, and elder daughter of Sylva & Haarper Aertas, the peircing silver of her eyes having long been replaced by a furious golden hue speckled with the red glimmers of the celestial body she channels. She walks with confidence and grace, her head always held high no matter the circumstance she seems to be in. Even with this confidence though there is an air of bitterness that hangs around her. A sour, judgemental look is the least of one's worries when dealing with the attitude of the elder lone Aertas. Though she is a magi through and through that isn't to say that she has allowed her body to suffer as a result. Though probably not useful to any practical degree she does have a degree of muscle definition, vanity muscles and damn nice ones.

Despite not being of the noble Achyonite branch of the Aertas family, Sophia still manages to find herself clad in fine fabrics and carefully forged armor pieces befitting a woman of such a lineage. Carefully woven robes are all that she seems content on wearing, fine velvets and precvious metals adorn her form. Lately the insignia of 'The Faith' as well as various articles of priestly robes have found themselves incoporated into her garb. When she walks rocks occasionally seem to roll out of her path and even through the thickest foliage it seems that plant life moves aside at her command as well.

The younger sister of Dionte and older sister of Cylia. With her older brother missing in action and her mother nowhere to be found she is for all intents and purposes the head of the eiled branch of the Aertas family within Esshar. The imagery of a Nightingale adorns most of her more official garb and accessories, the adopted insignia of her family. [Or at the very least the one that she adopted for it in place of whatever may have resided prior]